Are you selling your home? 1st impressions start at the garden gate

Property Saleability

If you are thinking about selling your property all the good advice you receive will tell you to declutter, freshen up paint work, remove bulky furniture (make place look bigger), fix those annoying things so a prospective buyer is not thinking about the negatives. Make the path to purchase as free of obstacles as possible.

The same applies to the garden.

If a buyer approaches via an overgrown pathway with unkempt lawns and borders they are already thinking of (a) all the work they have to do when they move in or (b) how much they can negotiate off the asking price.

Selling & Buying

As a seller you want a buyer with positive thoughts. You want them thinking about your property and forgetting about the one they just saw or the one that is next on the list. With a well presented garden you may just achieve that goal and ensure that this particular buyer is ready to deal at your asking price.

A once-off clean up to neaten the place up, gather leaves, seasonal pruning & general preparation of the garden will help. Have the place looking neat and tidy rather than scalped and your selling experience will be very positive!!

Check out our current Seasonal offer on the home page or Contact Us for more details on improving your property

garden maintenance for selling property

Taking Care of Business

So while you are focused on having the interior of the house ship shape Green-Cube Landscape Services can be taking care of the outdoors for you.┬áTypically pre-sale or letting work includes – clean out of borders & beds, weed removal, pruning & thinning work, grass cutting (if weather conditions allow), clean down of paths & patios, removal of all green waste for recycling.

A good thorough cleaning is often all it takes and for a relatively small investment we can turn your garden around in a day so your viewing goes without a hitch.


green-cube landscape design & maintenance

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