Living Walls: Tagging Gone Green

Living Walls

One of the big trends which I’ve been watching with great interest over the past season is the increase in methods and systems for living walls.

Living walls are becoming increasingly used as a way to soften concrete structures, provide food & herbs, improve office air and environment and quite simply as shown below as art installations. There are many different applications for vertical planting and the creative ideas are endless. I think I need a Pinterest profile to collect all these cool images on 🙂

green cube living walls
Living Walls – a new form of street art?

I particularly love this ‘painting’ which looks like an overhead image of Central Park or some similar untouched forest. It really is stunning!! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see this kind of landscape modelling used in architectural representations for urban developments to add a touch of realism to the presentation? It would be so cool!!

green cube living walls
How impressive is this living wall ‘satellite view’ of an ancient forest?
A #livingwall installation like this would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen where air is moist Click To Tweet

If you are interested in giving this a go – here’s a step by step infographic on how you can make your own moss graffiti.

green cube living walls

Could be an alternative use for that Nutri-Bullet lying in the corner press 😉


Source: Painting With Moss: Tagging Gone Green | Christopher Shearer Studio

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