Happy Christmas and a cracking New Year to you!!

Happy Cjristmas from Green Cube Landscape services

Landscape services in Dublin


A quick note to wish you all the best for a Peaceful break over Christmas as we close up operations until the New Year*

I’ll still be lurking on Twitter and Facebook if anyone wants to set up appointments for January I’m happy to chat. Thankfully my new diary for 2017 has already started to have ink applied to it but there is plenty of space and my goal is to fill it with a HUGE christmas card list for December 2017 – so if you want your name in there, get in touch!! 🙂

I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you as new customers in 2017.

Until then, Peace & Merry Christmas to you.


m: +353871959041  w: www.green-cube.ie


*Wednesday 3rd January

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