#COVID19 and Gardening with Social Distancing

Gardening in an Outbreak

Like so many other businesses and tradespeople we are having to rethink how we can best serve you through this period of vital social distancing and self isolation.

While gardening is in general a solitary profession or at worst very restricted interaction, we still feel there is a risk both to our clients and their families and to our own families and parents. As sure we are suspending ALL site landscaping and gardening work for the duration of the advised period.

Gardens don’t stop..

This is true and while it is not ideal, we are putting in place a system of remote assistance. It won’t work for everyone, but we can, using technology enable you to carry out work in your garden with our guidance.

There are 2 ways we can do this:

  1. Book a WhatsApp call where we can virtually ‘walk’ the garden in a video call with you and advise on:
    1. tasks that you can complete,
    2. how you can carry them out and
    3. what changes you should make for the season ahead
  2. Send us marked up photographs with specific questions you need to address and we can respond via email with directions and guidance on “How-to”.

While this will be far from ideal, it may suffice to ensure the garden does not get completely out of control and we are still involved in the process providing you continuity of service.

In recognition of the difficult times we all find ourselves in there will be a charge for the service, commensurate with the response needed, but we think it can be a fair compromise.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Stay well.


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