Green Cube Environmental Mission Statement

Environmental Mission Statement

At Green-Cube Landscape Services the responsibility to manage our environment in a sustainable and responsible fashion with accountability is at the core of our business.

Chemical Responsibility

All the chemicals, fertilizers and treatments we apply have under gone rigorous healthy and safety checks under EU and Irish legislation. They are only applied by professionally trained and certificated operatives that apply them with due care and diligence. We will not apply or recommend a treatment that would in anyway threaten the habitat or life of any indigenous animals. Our aim is to merely control pest or weed infestations that are causing damage to your garden. The right for all creatures to inhabit and share this planet will always be a priority to our business.

Whenever possible we will recommend a course of action to remedy a problem that does not involve the use of synthetically manufactured chemicals.

Waste Responsibility

We endeavour to manage our responsibility for waste in a couple of difference methods:

Controllable Waste

This is waste that we have responsibility for through our project planning and management actions. When planning landscape construction projects we aim to have <5% waste as an overall target for each contract. This applies to all materials brought onto site including offcuts and damages. We aim to minimise packaging waste through recycling of all plastics (plant pots, wrapping, baling straps etc.), construction waste through separated streams of timber, concrete / stone and paper.

ALL materials can be recycled and it is our goal to only use products & materials which are in themselves recycled or recyclable at end of life.

Non-Controllable Waste

This is our classification of waste generated through activities on site – demolition of existing structures or pavements, waste from garden renovations or clearances, materials discovered during groundworks or excavations.

Green Cube Environmental

These materials are often unquantifiable or unidentifiable until the work is in progress. All efforts will be made to ensure that these materials become controlled through the management and separation process as for our controllable waste streams. Waste will be separated at source into streams of green waste, concrete / stone, ferrous metals, paper & plastics for recycling at approved facilities.

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NB – this statement will undergo modification as we continually assess the impact of our actions on the environment. We demand and put pressure on our support services to improve the range of recycling opportunities available to us to ensure we have minimal impression on the world around us.