Who is Green Cube Landscape Services?

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A little bit different that most ‘About Us’ pages in that I grew up gardening. Pushing a heavy Hayter Merlin mower at 8, watching others, learning through experience and eventually going to college to study Amenity Horticulture when I realised my hobby was actually destined to be my career.

I have worked in the industry for over 30years, I’ve had successes in business and I’ve had tough lessons (mostly around the recession) but I inevitably return to my first love which is landscaping. I’ve build businesses for myself, managed businesses for others and loved every minute of it.

I realised my potential in hard landscaping – paving, retaining walls, decking through my experiences working for Aspar Hoveniersbedrijf 20 years ago in Holland. My skills and knowledge went to the next level and I brought a new, energised creativity back with me on my return.

I’m now returning to landscaping after a much needed furlough in retail management which rebuilt my confidence and ability to deliver top class customer service. Tying this with my extensive knowledge and landscaping skills, Green Cube Landscape Services, plans to be the only landscape service you require.


WHAT I DO? I help domestic and commercial customers achieve planned landscape goals by providing a clear process from project start to completion.

WHO I WORK WITH? I partner with top providers to source quality products and service for use in each project. I also integrate work with other landscape professionals so we can easily scale up or down to meet your project size without an overburden of costly overheads.

WHY IT WORKS? When you choose Green Cube Landscape Services you get the most efficient, effective and affordable range of landscape services that you are looking for right now.

WHAT MAKES Green Cube Landscape Services DIFFERENT? It is not that one business is better or worse that the other. What I do is approach each job from the clients perspective to deliver the project in the means and manner that best suits the client rather than me. I provide services in a time that suits you and with customer support and service at the forefront of my business.

HOW IT WORKS? Regardless of the scope of your landscape considerations simply get in touch with me.

From an initial chat on the phone to arrange a free no obligation evaluation & chat at your property or site where we can discuss your requirements. I can then go through the various processes of services required and revert back to you with a schedule, project plan and costings.

If you are ready to talk, reach out to me via email me at enquiryto@green-cube.ie or call me direct at +353 87 1959041green-cube landscape design & maintenance