green-cube garden design workmanship

Quality Workmanship

Quality & Pride in your Work are not Expensive

You often hear it said there are three options to pricing a project.

Good, Cheap or Fast.

Roughly interpreted as being you can have a Good job done but these don’t come Cheap or Fast. A Cheap job won’t come Fast or Good and a Fast job won’t be Good or Cheap.

I believe and stand over the 4th option which is my way. I call it the Right Way’ – It’s the Right work done at the Right price in the Right amount of time. As long as everyone is on the same page when it comes to planning and preparation neither the contractor or the customer will be disappointed as all the work, price and schedule will be agreed in advance.

We’d rather explain the price of quality work than the cost of poor workmanship.

Everyone wins and the project is completed with the quality workmanship it landscape design & maintenance