Autumn Clean Up Special

autumn clean up

Is your garden winter ready?

Avail of our once-off Autumn clean up to gather leaves, seasonal pruning & general preparation for overwintering the garden.

Typically included work –

    • clean out of borders & beds
    • weed removal
    • pruning & thinning work
    • grass cutting (if conditions allow)
    • clean down of paths & patios (power washing extra)

Avail of our once-off Autumn clean up to gather leaves, seasonal pruning & general preparation for overwintering the garden. Click To Tweet

The price of €230.00 is inclusive of:

  • Up to 4 hours horticulturist labour
  • Up to x3 bags of Green Waste for recycling )we bring our own bags)
  • All equipment required.

Simply contact us through the form below to book. No preview is necessary, we will arrive at the appointed time and carry out the required works which we can discuss on location.

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December – Monthly Top 10 Jobs for the Garden

december garden jobs

Top 10 Garden jobs this month

December is often the month where we aim for a couple of deep breaths after a busy gardening year and our main goal is to get through the holiday period at the end of the month and be prepared for a New Year.

Out top tips for adding to the garden maintenance checklist for December are:

  1. Check your winter protection structures are still securely in place – double check stakes, support netting, trellis work & mulching to ensure the weather is not causing damage through windrock or frost.
  2. Check that greenhouse heaters are working – not only that, ensure all gaps and draughts are stopped, broken panes are replaced. Insulate with bubble wrap or partition sections of the glasshouse so plants are protected from frost.
  3. Insulate outdoor taps and prevent ponds from freezing – make sure pipes are properly insulated and use a water feature and floating ball to reduce the risk of freezing over.
  4. Prune open-grown apples and pears (but not those trained against walls)
  5. Prune Acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding
  6. Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and remaining root crops – check the allotment for the last of the seasons produce. Get it all into storage before the heavy frosts start freezing the soil.
  7. Deciduous trees and shrubs can still be planted and transplanted – this is the time of year when you can safely transplant trees and shrubs. Larger projects may need a bit of preparation over one or two seasons to enable a safe move but we can set out a plan for this with you.
  8. Take hardwood cuttings – a great way to stretch your garden plants. Prepare a good potting compost and take healthy cuttings to ensure the longevity of your choice garden plants.
  9. Keep mice away from stored produce – goes without saying!! The only sharing should be done around the dinner table.
  10. Reduce watering of houseplants – they too will be heading for dormancy, just like their outdoor counterparts. Just be aware of humidity as the drier air caused by indoor heating can burn leaves.

As always we are on hand to help with our Seasonal Tidy Up offer.

Some December Garden images from Instagram:

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WIN!! Some FREE Garden Maintenance time on us

Garden Maintenance Dublin | Wicklow

Everyone loves Free Time!

In case you missed our post on Facebook you have the opportunity to win some FREE time for yourself and a friend to get your garden tidied up.

Simply link through to Facebook (tap or click the picture below) – Like the page, Share the post and Tag your best friend (who needs their garden maintenance done) and comment so we know you have done that and you are in the draw. Each 100 fans will be the threshold and we will pick two names each time.

Best of luck to everyone and remember if you’re not in you can’t win!! 🙂

Be sure to check our our offer and if you are interested you can book us for a full day Garden Maintenance anyway and if you win the draw, we’ll send you a voucher for the next seasonal special. (Our vouchers never expire – just don’t lose them!!)

Are you selling your home? 1st impressions start at the garden gate

Property Saleability

If you are thinking about selling your property all the good advice you receive will tell you to declutter, freshen up paint work, remove bulky furniture (make place look bigger), fix those annoying things so a prospective buyer is not thinking about the negatives. Make the path to purchase as free of obstacles as possible.

The same applies to the garden.

If a buyer approaches via an overgrown pathway with unkempt lawns and borders they are already thinking of (a) all the work they have to do when they move in or (b) how much they can negotiate off the asking price.

Selling & Buying

As a seller you want a buyer with positive thoughts. You want them thinking about your property and forgetting about the one they just saw or the one that is next on the list. With a well presented garden you may just achieve that goal and ensure that this particular buyer is ready to deal at your asking price.

A once-off clean up to neaten the place up, gather leaves, seasonal pruning & general preparation of the garden will help. Have the place looking neat and tidy rather than scalped and your selling experience will be very positive!!

Check out our current Seasonal offer on the home page or Contact Us for more details on improving your property

garden maintenance for selling property

Taking Care of Business

So while you are focused on having the interior of the house ship shape Green-Cube Landscape Services can be taking care of the outdoors for you. Typically pre-sale or letting work includes – clean out of borders & beds, weed removal, pruning & thinning work, grass cutting (if weather conditions allow), clean down of paths & patios, removal of all green waste for recycling.

A good thorough cleaning is often all it takes and for a relatively small investment we can turn your garden around in a day so your viewing goes without a hitch.


green-cube landscape design & maintenance