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Based in Dublin, with over 30 years in landscape design, construction & maintenance I am offering you the benefit of all my knowledge learned through this experience.

A selection of our most popular garden & landscape services.

Landscape Design
Imaginative designs create spaces that function to your wishes & desires. Hard landscape features define space while soft elements blur the input lines of man leading to organic flowing spaces.
Planting Design & Layout
Careful consideration & selection of plants to suit each situation. Plants must be thought of in terms of 5/10/15 years later. How will they mature? Fill or dominate the space they are in? Interact with people & other plants?
Garden Maintenance
Check out our Maintenance Bundles - available both for seasonal programs or on-going landscape maintenance by Horticulturalists. Aftercare is the way to protect your investment enabling the garden to develop the way it was planned.
Soil Health
Key to good growth of grass and plants is properly conditioned and maintained soil. A soil analysis will guide planting designs and foretell potential problems with lawn or plant care for the future.
Weed Management
Dealing with problem plants starts with identification. Many non-desired plants can be managed out of your garden without herbicide use. Some persistent weeds may require intervention which will be carefully programmed and implemented.
Paving & Walls
Professional pavers install your paths & patios for problem free access.

"Over the years I have found the customer service provided by Sean exceptional."

~ Satisfied Client


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